A Cold and Sunny Day

It is a strange feeling I had todayWhile walking in the cold and sunshineThe day was bright, and the sky was cloudlessBut it really was cold, no mistakeI reflected on the hard things in my lifeAnd – this was the strange part –They felt like blessingsThey teach me and they connect meTo the sufferings of … Read more

Where life’s winds guide me

Especially of late, my life has been so driven by plans and strategies for pursuing multiple projects. I yearn for a simpler life, and I am starting to take a little step in that direction — letting my weekend days be more spontaneous! A tiny example occurred today — I did an impromptu extension of … Read more

Poetry and the Flower

It was not so long agoThat my life was boundBy the rigid rule of reasonAnd the iron law of chance and necessity.Then came a new season in my lifeI found the sound and began to dance.Then I found I was not aloneEven in the place of workI called my home.Such flowering of the human spirit … Read more


I wrote this poem for Marianne five days after her birthday. But it is for everyone, as I realize when I remember many special friends and know in my heart that there will be many more. We are not alone. AffirmationYou are my friendYou have traveled farYou have suffered muchYou are a seeker of lightAnd … Read more

My Promised Land

It is quiet inside my houseMy wife is out on an early errandThe heater makes a soft soundAnd I can just hear a distant train.The bare trees are silhouetted against the predawn skyThey have been perfectly stillBut now stir a little from a gentle windThe harsh winter is almost overAnd I begin to think of … Read more

A Prayer

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” –  Gospel of Thomas A PrayerTeach me to pray, LordTeach me to liveTeach me to bring forthAll that is within me … Read more


I felt a call to post this poem today. I wrote it on Wrightsville Beach on Easter Sunday in 2015. A Prayer of Sand and Waves I sit on the beach this Easter morning I treasure the warm sand, the wind and the brilliant sun The roar of the waves is a prayer The Earth’s … Read more

Good Friday

Today in a time of darkness in the world, with expectation of coming light, I remember this poem I wrote many years ago after a friend shared the meditations he delivered on Good Friday. In the Shadow of Sorrow In the shadow of sorrow My friend speaks from his heart The mystery of sacrifice and … Read more