The New Year

Today is a clear sunny winter day in Charlotte, and as I finish the last of my tea after a leisurely morning, I feel a sense of peace. I thought back to a long time ago when i was blessed with a similar feeling. In the intervening years the hurry and urgency and striving has … Read more

Winter Afternoon

Winter Afternoon I think I learned something on my walk today I am not ready to go inside Listening to the birdsong I wonder if I can find the words To express the acceptance I begin to feel Of this next phase of my life’s journey. It is undiscovered country for me But one well-traveled … Read more


Today is my father’s birthday. This is the first poem I wrote after his passing. Simplicity The tears do not stop They pause for a time And then they come again I miss my father He was a simple man He cared about me and others. I look at my own cluttered life And wonder … Read more

Forest of Waters

Today I went for one of my regular walks in the neighborhood. This particular walk is actually the first one that Marianne and I took together after we moved to Charlotte. It winds up at a school, adjacent to a small stand of trees that I have come to call “Cotswold Forest”. Over the years … Read more

The Robin in Winter

The last several days have been cold here in Charlotte. I bundled up in my warm winter coat and went for my walk, remembering another cold winter day and this poem I wrote afterwards. The Robin in Winter I drew a rune It was the Ice rune “The winter of the spiritual life is upon … Read more

The Tender Place

That tender place inside your heart Is not a wound that needs healing But it is a door for your soul For you to feel, really feel To be open, to care. Let the tears come And dissolve that shell The shell that has encased you It has protected you But the time has come … Read more

A Snowy Day in Spring

The snow is gently falling On this day in early spring My heart is gently weeping On this wintry day of my soul. My heart, which not so long ago Felt so pure and warm and clear, Has of late felt no pain But no joy either I now perceive. O deep dark mystery of … Read more

The Quality of Love

In December of 2008 Marianne and I started to attend a spiritual group. Looking back I see the whole experience as a perilous and pain-filled trial, but something very meaningful to us emerged in the early days. We took an introductory class where we learned a practice called a “Blessing”. The person to be blessed … Read more