The Other Realm

Today is the ninth anniversary of Marianne’s death. This past week I have begun a blog telling the story of our journey together through poems. I had a “prepared” poem to post today that has a special significance but yet somehow it did not quite seem to fit. Then a friend sent me a message … Read more

The Divine Puzzle

Today I took the walk in my neighborhood that I had taken almost every day with Marianne. It remains a meaningful walk to me now, and I feel a call to resume an interrupted practice of taking this walk every day. On it there is a special tree that has many resonances for me.

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The Open Door

There were many tears in the months after Marianne died but also gifts. One of them was the dance film One Last Dance on Marianne’s Netflix queue. The movie is about three dancers who are re-united to prepare a dance for the memorial service for their mentor. The story of their reconnection somehow opened a … Read more

We Are Not Alone

One day while feeding birds at the Raptor Center I was pondering why I was here and Marianne was not, and about the sorrow in the world. I thought of how small deeds can really help, how we are connected and are not alone. I sensed there was a poem to be written. After my shift I went for a walk in the adjoining Latta Nature Preserve, and this poem came.

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Thursdays is my volunteer day at the Carolina Raptor Center, a special place much beloved by Marianne and now by me. After Marianne died they hung a special plaque in her memory at a little ceremony. I was invited to volunteer in rehab, and I accepted! The shift that was open was Thursday diurnal feeding, and that was perfect — the day Marianne had originally volunteered. Being at the Raptor Center is healing for me, both by being with the birds and with the wonderful people — staff, volunteers and interns. It is a community. This short poem came to me one day while feeding birds!

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I was in Chicago to attend a spiritual conference. Marianne and I had met in Illinois many years before, and now, being back by myself, there were many memories … I arrived the day before the conference began and went for a walk. There was a special energy of connection with Marianne, and words for a poem started to come together in my mind.

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Summer Song

Many of my poems are associated with a season. This poem hearkens to the beginning of Marianne’s and my spiritual journey, and I want to share it as one of the first posts in this new blog! Summer Song   It was early summer when it all began The circle of life, the infinite span … Read more

Our Journeys Home

Creating this blog of poems created over a span of 38 years was given an impetus by a re-encounter with this poem. It is a special one for me. It felt like a message from my late wife Marianne. In this post I read the poem, and after the recording there is the poem’s text.

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