Forest of Waters

Today I went for one of my regular walks in the neighborhood. This particular walk is actually the first one that Marianne and I took together after we moved to Charlotte. It winds up at a school, adjacent to a small stand of trees that I have come to call “Cotswold Forest”. Over the years … Read more

The Other Hiker

My iPhone gave me a gift today! It created a photo memory of trips to Blowing Rock, a place Marianne and I loved to visit. Since then I’ve made a number of trips there by myself and written some poems there. “The Other Hiker” is one of them. Enjoy the video and poem. Happy holidays! … Read more

Our Journeys Home

Creating this blog of poems created over a span of 38 years was given an impetus by a re-encounter with this poem. It is a special one for me. It felt like a message from my late wife Marianne. In this post I read the poem, and after the recording there is the poem’s text.

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