Earth Hit by Climate Inferno

Earth just had the hottest day, week, and month in 120,000 years. 

Four continents are under extreme heat warnings and Canada has been on fire for months. Skies in the US turned a toxic orange, Beijing residents are hiding underground, and millions are starving from a mega drought in East Africa.

And this is just the start.

The pandemic killed millions and put the world on lockdown. But the intensifying climate crisis will be of a totally different magnitude, lasting for centuries. This is the fight of our lives — for our lives.

Humans are fragile. Beyond a certain temperature, we simply overheat and die.

Vast areas of the planet are now approaching that red line, when just a few hours outside will be deadly. Yet world leaders are still aggressively fueling the crisis. We’re the snake eating its own tail.

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AVAAZ Email, July 26, 2023