Bob’s Idea Garden

May 28, 2023

This is my own private “idea garden”. I have enabled comments, so if you would like to give me feedback on any of my ideas, you would be most welcome to do so via a comment! Be creative — if my ideas trigger some of your own, you can share! Or even ideas for me!!


Long Weekends

The 3-day “staycation” last week, Sunday – Tuesday was good for me, I think. I am taking it easy over the long Memorial Day weekend, Saturday – Monday. My idea is: why can’t I do this every week! My new pattern would be to take it easy Friday – Sunday.

Resume Morning Meditation Practice.

Marianne was a consistent meditator for decades. After she left Center of Light, she meditated in a special room in our house, and I joined her. After she died I kept up the practice myself, but some time ago I stopped (I suppose so I could get to work sooner.) Yesterday I resumed, and I want to commit to maintain the practice.


Every since I started working, work has been very consuming in my life. For the last thirty years the focus has been my company, Object Innovations. It served Marianne and me well, but now the time is approaching to let it go. Even as I do that, I might want to keep my hand in some kind of business-related activities and/or pass on ideas to others.

“Thank you for 30 years”

Yesterday, during my weekly quiet time with Marianne, I had this conversation with Marianne:

B: Right at the beginning I thought if Netflix can end DVDs after 25 years, I can end OI after 30 years. Then I checked the envelope, and their message was “Thank you for 25 years” — gratitude.

M: That is a good realization, Bob. It is not coincidence the thought came the same day you went back to morning meditation.

B: I still have a few months [before my birthday, date I have been thinking of for retiring]. Is there any reason not to do one or two more courses?

M: Of course not, Bob.

B: Nearer term, I thought about Think Global Green. I had actually thought I would move it to my SiteGround web hosting account, partly for practice and partly to keep it live. But if I am seriously thinking of OI ending, it is easier to let TGG go.

M: Yes, Bob. Choose simplicity.

.NET Beginner

While laying down the corporate Object Innovations business, maybe I could keep my hand involved in software technology through a new website I recently created, .NET Beginner. This is a private website that is under construction, with the home page and blog posts public.

Learn WordPress

Another website I recently created is Learn WordPress. The idea behind this project is to provide access to resources for learning WordPress, the open-source web platform that is now the basis for more than 40% of the websites in the world. I have used it for multiple projects, including MOFSA.

This site is hosted on SiteGround with their “Grow Big” plan which provides for hosting an unlimited number of websites with no additional charge, beyond the nominal annual cost of domain registration. I plan to move websites I created on Bluehost to this SiteGround hosting plan.

I am unclear as to what to do with itself.


This is yet another website I created recently. I did it mainly as practice on SiteGround. I was surprised that the cute domain name “” was available. And also that the site has already attracted a number of curious visitors, who must have been disappointed by what they found! Right now it is only a starter website. My thought of a possible practical use would be to offer training on web topics.

This morning the jingle from the Toys-R-Us toy company started going through my mind, and I thought of adapting the jingle to:

Webs-r-us, webs-r-us
World’s best web store

Then the idea came: make it, in fact, an online store for selling many different things, with all proceeds donated to charity.


In this section I’ll jot down potential ideas to contribute to Jen for MOFSA’s Idea Garden. I tend to get so many ideas (my ADHD brain!) that I could easily flood her with ideas, (In the early days of my Object Innovations business I once started an “ideal journal” but gave it up after writing down something like 100 different ideas! I needed focus.)

So I would like to season ideas on my own “idea garden” page before submitting them to MOFSA.

Online Store for Spiritual Artists

We could sell art from artists in the MOFSA Community. Besides a market for the artists, MOFSA could charge a commission, making the project an additional source of revenue for MOFSA.

Websites for MOFSA Artists

Using the same SiteGround hosting plan I have already started, we could host a website for members of the MOFSA community. Again, a source of revenue for MOFSA.

Book Discussions

If you are reading an interesting book that you would like to share, invite a few friends to a Zoom meeting, and give an overview of the book and tell how it is impacting you. If some people are drawn to read the book themselves, there could be one or more follow-up meetings to discuss it.

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