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FCNL This Week in the World – Ukraine, Israel & Palestine, Asylum Seekers (February 23, 2024). Two years of bloodshed have taken a devastating toll on both the people of Ukraine and Russia. More than 27,000 civilians have been killed, along with more than half a million soldiers who have been killed or wounded on both sides.

More than 29,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since war’s start (PBS, February 19, 2024). The ministry does not distinguish between civilians and combatants in its records, but says around two-thirds of those killed were women and children. More than 69,000 Palestinians have been wounded, overwhelming the territory’s hospitals, less than half of which are even partially functioning.

Lethal combination of hunger and disease to lead to more deaths in Gaza (WHO, December 21, 2023). An unprecedented 93% of the population in Gaza is facing crisis levels of hunger, with insufficient food and high levels of malnutrition.

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Source: Avaaz