Fire The fires are burning Rage sweeps the land It is a time of darkness With fire the only light And harmony seems but a distant dream. Yet by the light of these fires I see people coming together A mysterious tie binding us to one another Out of fire a community is being born.

Day Star

“Fly like an eagle on wings of pure light” Star of the morning Your dazzling countenance illuminates my soul Hope has sprung where all seemed dark Your promise warms me to the core of my being Day star! To me you bring joy And an inner knowing that all will be well Blessed be.

The Formal Feeling

The Formal Feeling She called it the formal feeling For me it has no name For us both it is a healing Coming after pain. She is gone now Her fear has ceased Her pain is over She is at peace. I am holding that feeling Fragment though it be Filled with a sense of … Read more

Half Human, Half Divine

Today is the ninth anniversary of Marianne’s death. I have had some trouble sleeping lately, although last night I slept quite well. I had in mind that I wanted to post this special poem today, and indeed I do wish to share it, completing a trilogy of “anniversary” poems. The painting is based on a CT scan of Marianne’s heart, and the artist, Jennifer McCormick, sent the image to me on the sixth anniversary of her death, with the message, “Marianne sends you her heart.” The poem came during the early morning hours of the first Sunday in January 2019 (which marked Epiphany that year).

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