A Pause in Late Autumn

You are pausing in your walk in late autumn That is a skillful thing for you to do It allows you to feel the open air To hear the sounds all around you To appreciate the little grotto And to connect to the tender place in your heart Where love and hope abide December 2, … Read more

Touch of Autumn

Touch of Autumn Not the achievement but the journey Not the story but the song Not the certainty but the hope. The cool breeze, the blue sky The wispy clouds The touch of color Autumn! What joy to welcome you again.


A simple walk With simple sights and sounds Pauses to wonder and reflect On the simple miracles all around. A change in my inner state On this cool autumn day What quiet joy is right at hand!


The full moon is in the sky Glowing silently behind silvery clouds While a yellow tree catches a street lamp’s pale light. It is October in my year of years Many an October I have pondered the dry leaves As I thought of Poe and Ulalume And wondered if this was the October Of my … Read more


Striding along on my walk Thinking of a new project Now that an old one neared completion My mind was absorbed And I was missing the beauty Of a lovely September summer day. Then I heard that gentle voice Of my heart, of my beloved Immediately I slowed my pace And found a quiet place … Read more

September Song

The weather is shifting I think a cold front is moving in A cool, blessed breeze blows And an occasional leaf falls I ponder the pathway ahead The way is clear for only a few steps Ahead there is obscurity But it does not trouble me For I know if I follow the light I … Read more


I did not expect it Indeed, “have no expectations” is what I heard Yet here I am at the boundary of my mountain hike Where tree cover ends and the open path lies before me And I feel lighter once again. This time the transition was gradual It came on the upward ascent And now … Read more


I love October! On my walks I enjoy seeing Halloween decorations. One day I saw this bumper sticker. My poem goes back to 1984. Happy Halloween!!! Halloween The large cat walked gracefully by the fence And slipped out of sight Just as day turned into night I stared after him and thought “That was a … Read more

October Moment

How can something so tiny be so vast? A single moment, a simple question And my whole outlook changed. It is a cool day in autumn The sky a perfect blue and cloudless The trees a glorious blend of green and yellow and orange The water has gentle ripples The water lilies are green and … Read more

Young Soul

Autumn is a special season for me. For one thing, there are a number of anniversaries, including Marianne’s and my wedding anniversary, my mother’s birthday, Marianne’s mother’s birthday. And my birthday, which was yesterday! And next year will be my eightieth birthday. Yet i honestly don’t feel old! Sometimes I ponder the question to a … Read more