The Robin in Winter

The last several days have been cold here in Charlotte. I bundled up in my warm winter coat and went for my walk, remembering another cold winter day and this poem I wrote afterwards. The Robin in Winter I drew a rune It was the Ice rune “The winter of the spiritual life is upon … Read more

An Autumn Morning

It is an early autumn morning The sky is entirely cloudless Except for the silky moon Which looks so like a tiny cloud. Back towards the city there is a dull haze And ahead on the road there is a soft mist Gently illumined by the rising sun So it takes on a lovely golden … Read more

Feather of Remembrance

Darkness has been part of my journey. Walking has been part of my healing. This past week i took again the walk I did so many times with Marianne. I took a break. I looked down at my feet and found the feather of a blue jay. It brought to mind another feather from another … Read more

The Seagulls

It is early morning of a gray day I see two seagulls circling gracefully They expend so little effort in their flight! Occasionally flapping their wings, they mostly soar On gentle breezes in the air Going where the wind takes them Applying only small corrections When the need arises. I would my life to be … Read more


Return It is a time of return A return to a favorite park Where my loved one and I Walked together many times The return of the heron to the little pond The ever returning dawn of a new day The return of the feeling of openness Of facing the days to come With serenity … Read more

A Red Cardinal

It had been a mild winter The storms came late A surprise snowfall brought whiteness and quiet Then I learned the sad news. Death is not easy But we do not know That our night may not be somewhere else a dawn. This morning I saw our red cardinal friend He has been a frequent … Read more

The Soul’s Perfection

Yesterday I did the walk Marianne and I took together so many times, and I will do it again today, the ninth anniversary of her death. I saw a beautiful magnolia blossom that brought back the memory of another magnolia and a bird and a poem, all reminders of an internal connection and a longing … Read more


Thursdays is my volunteer day at the Carolina Raptor Center, a special place much beloved by Marianne and now by me. After Marianne died they hung a special plaque in her memory at a little ceremony. I was invited to volunteer in rehab, and I accepted! The shift that was open was Thursday diurnal feeding, and that was perfect — the day Marianne had originally volunteered. Being at the Raptor Center is healing for me, both by being with the birds and with the wonderful people — staff, volunteers and interns. It is a community. This short poem came to me one day while feeding birds!

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