Mercy Although I make so many mistakes And choose so many wrong paths And sometimes it seems I am truly lost Yet from somewhere comes a gentle blessing A balm of reassurance that all is well I think it must be true for me And for you too, my friend, That we float in mercy … Read more

Spring Blessings

Spring Blessings Listen to the gentle whisper of spirit It will not lead you astray Nor will the sadness in your heart It too is a whisper of spirit Reminding you of the one life And that sadness is part of our human journey You have done nothing wrong You have no pressing obligations Take … Read more

Laying the Burden Down

I have been deep in thought about ethical life choices and what path to choose now. It has all seemed so complicated, like a labyrinth. Then I remembered another time in my life when I felt confused and received the blessing of a hint of inner peace. It inspired a poem that I wrote for … Read more

Light a Candle

On the eve of the Orthodox celebration of Christmas on January 7th Russian President Vladimir V. Putin called for a 36-hour Christmas Truce beginning at noon on January 6th and ending at midnight on January 7th.  Putin ordered his Defense Ministry to implement the cease-fire hours after Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I called for a … Read more