Bass Lake

Bass Lake The lake is calm tonight The swan glides by Having made another circuit of the lake There are geese and ducks The lake is surrounded by pine trees, firs and maples And large rhododendron bushes not yet in bloom And my heart too feels a sense of peace. I remembered Arnold and the … Read more

The Spell

I had felt in a period of darkness Then today things started going right, one after the other. I was having fun! Will it last? As of the afternoon the spell was unbroken. And then I thought of this poem, written in October 2016 in Moses Cone Park in Blowing Rock, a special place for … Read more

The Other Hiker

My iPhone gave me a gift today! It created a photo memory of trips to Blowing Rock, a place Marianne and I loved to visit. Since then I’ve made a number of trips there by myself and written some poems there. “The Other Hiker” is one of them. Enjoy the video and poem. Happy holidays! … Read more


I did not expect it Indeed, “have no expectations” is what I heard Yet here I am at the boundary of my mountain hike Where tree cover ends and the open path lies before me And I feel lighter once again. This time the transition was gradual It came on the upward ascent And now … Read more

October Moment

How can something so tiny be so vast? A single moment, a simple question And my whole outlook changed. It is a cool day in autumn The sky a perfect blue and cloudless The trees a glorious blend of green and yellow and orange The water has gentle ripples The water lilies are green and … Read more