Community in Spring

It is cool but the sun is bright The sky is blue and cloudless Crocus are blooming and a robin has been seen The first geese have returned Flying in formation across the sky And swimming silently in the lake Trees have started to bud Yes, spring is surely in the air. The yellow ribbons … Read more


I have been thinking of community a great deal lately, about the vital need for mutual support and understanding during these troubled times. I wrote a poem for Marianne a number of years ago expressing my yearning for a Community of Life. Spiritual friendship, deep sharingKnowing we are not alone on the journeyOur separate egos … Read more

Community of Life

What can I share with you? What do I posses that is of value? What have I learned as I lived? I would give it all to you if I knew how. The quiet moments in early morning The walks along a lonely seashore The enchantment of a starry evening The fascination over a spider … Read more


Fire The fires are burning Rage sweeps the land It is a time of darkness With fire the only light And harmony seems but a distant dream. Yet by the light of these fires I see people coming together A mysterious tie binding us to one another Out of fire a community is being born.

Our Story

It is our story, my love Yours and mine But not ours only It is the story of all who live and die Who have hopes and fears Who yearn for the Light Why were we born? What are we here to do? Where are we going? Many paths, many truths Yet we are all … Read more

Newborn in the Light

When I started this blog I was feeling quite strong and responded to an inner prompting to begin to share Marianne’s and my journey through the poetry that has come to me over the years. Then, for whatever reason, the last few days this strong feeling crumbled. Today I am unwinding after a busy week, and then I started to cry, remembering the first stanza of this poem (“We are desperately in love/As we cling together/Sharing comfort in the night”).

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