A Walk at Night

This year marks the thirtieth year for my company, Object Innovations, which I founded in 1993 with a great deal of support and encouragement from Marianne. I have been thinking of my early days in my own business when I did quite a bit of traveling to teach courses at different locations. In 1994 I … Read more

Heart Song

Today was a sunny day in Charlotte, and I took our regular walk to visit our special tree. On the way this short poem came. Heart Open your heart And you will find That many limits Are in your mind. On the way back I found myself quietly chanting Yogananda’s “Listen, listen, listen … ” … Read more

Walking with a Friend

Let the tears come my love You weep not only for me and you But for all the heartache and loneliness in the world You think of the homeless man we met on this very walk. In the confusion brought about by drink He lost his belongings and his bible He was sad but he … Read more

Moment on a Sunday Afternoon

I wrote this poem in December of 1993 when I was in Salt Lake City for a teaching assignment, which would begin the following day. I believe this was the first trip I took after starting my Object Innovations business. This morning I was reflecting on the support Marianne gave me for this bold move … Read more

The Golden Thread

It has been called the golden thread It is fine, so fine that it is invisible Yet it is very strong It is our sure guideline It leads us through dangerous passages It connects us to one another It is there when we are lost Or feeling alone in the darkness It may be the … Read more

My Path

I know my path I know it from the depths of my soul It is to follow my beloved wherever it leads I do not see the light because I am in darkness But something in my heart tells me it is there I do not know if I will find it in this lifetime … Read more