Gentle Striving

I learned something today …You see, all my life it seems,I have been driven by ambitionIt has taken many formsYet I have also yearned to be simpleEnjoying a simple walk or a moment of stillnessThis week I have been doing the full walkTaken many times by my loved one and meToday I was tired and … Read more

Moment on a Spring Morning

Moment on a Spring MorningNearing the crest of the gentle hillWhere we walked together so many timesI begin to feel a whisper of the mysterious blessingWhen spirit speaks softly to me.There are many memoriesParticular places where I heard the whisperI am sitting at such a place even nowListening to the birdsongsAnd feeling the gentle breezeGiving … Read more

Spring Journey

Yes, my love, go where we have not been And go farther still Begin your journey to that distant shore Where the beauty of springtime Will abide always inside your heart Know that I am with you on your way All that you discover Will be precious to me as well And know that your … Read more

Twin Pine Trees

Almost every day I go for a walk. Often it is the familiar walk I took with Marianne, although there is another walk closer to my neighborhood that I take now too. So there is a choice. This morning I took the old familiar walk, but there was still a choice: how far to go. … Read more