I can only imagine

Let that pain become your inspiration. Then you will have something people can believe in. From the movie “I Can Only Imagine” about the life of songwriter and signer Bart Millard I can only imagine What it will be like When I walk by Your side I can only imagine What my eyes would see … Read more


Today is my father’s birthday. This is the first poem I wrote after his passing. Simplicity The tears do not stop They pause for a time And then they come again I miss my father He was a simple man He cared about me and others. I look at my own cluttered life And wonder … Read more


The great requiem touches me Orchestra and massed choirs Then a moment of tenderness The crystal clarity of the boy soprano Eternal peace. Then the memories of a tiny gathering Family and friends A song in remembrance Be still my soul. Further back go my memories Of love and loss Promise and regret Today’s turbulence … Read more

A Red Cardinal

It had been a mild winter The storms came late A surprise snowfall brought whiteness and quiet Then I learned the sad news. Death is not easy But we do not know That our night may not be somewhere else a dawn. This morning I saw our red cardinal friend He has been a frequent … Read more