Where life’s winds guide me

Especially of late, my life has been so driven by plans and strategies for pursuing multiple projects. I yearn for a simpler life, and I am starting to take a little step in that direction — letting my weekend days be more spontaneous! A tiny example occurred today — I did an impromptu extension of … Read more

First Bloom

Tuesday First Bloom My mind was mired in thoughts I did not like Wishing things were different Then I took my walk. Going a different way, I received a gift A gentle reminder of the beauty and goodness in the world Yet again my loved one whispered to me In the language of flowers. Wednesday … Read more

Gardenias in My Garden

Gardenias in My Garden Every year in May The gardenias in my garden bloom And I think of her I love. This year they have a special poignancy As my heart opens and my soul yearns To grow as you want me to That we may pursue Our souls’ journey together.


On a morning in late January the first year after Marianne died, I was taking the usual walk that Marianne and I took together so many times, walking hand-in-hand. I felt her presence, as if she were walking beside me now even though we were on different planes. Words started to come together in my … Read more

The Single Flower

It is a poignant image The plant guarding its single flower Am I the one flower of my beloved? Is she watching over me? Herself crying over my tears Happy when I begin to bloom Praying for my safety When my blossom closes for the night Hope in her heart That I may open again … Read more


This morning I felt a call to do my familiar walk that I took with Marianne almost every day. Growing up in California and spending many years in the northeast where there are no mimosa trees, finding them here in North Carolina was a nice discovery. I remembered a poem I had written under the shade of this same tree and searched for it. I was surprised to find mimosa mentioned in six of my poems! This is the first one.

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The Soul’s Perfection

Yesterday I did the walk Marianne and I took together so many times, and I will do it again today, the ninth anniversary of her death. I saw a beautiful magnolia blossom that brought back the memory of another magnolia and a bird and a poem, all reminders of an internal connection and a longing … Read more