Autumn is a time of changes. It was in autumn of 1983 that I wrote my very first poem! The inspiration was the departure of the associate minister of the UU church in Framingham, Massachusetts that Marianne and I were attending at that time. We liked her very much and would miss her. At the … Read more

Thank You

This is a thank you to my special friends A love letter to the sun Who has warmed more than my body A song to the birds Who have more than sung to me And shown more than beauty in their flight. A poem to the wonderful people Who have shared more than themselves Thank … Read more


There is a place where you will find shelter Where you are not alone but are held lovingly By kind souls who care for you And will never leave you. I wish I could give you an address So you could make a journey to find it But the place of which I speak is … Read more

Our Special Day

Today was the tenth anniversary of Marianne’s death. I had no special plans, other than to do our regular walk that we did together and to pick up a cake ordered by a friend. I had no prior arrangements to speak with anyone or see anyone. I felt like it might be a quiet day … Read more

The Path

For quite some time I have allowed myself to become very busy with multiple projects. They all seemed important, but increasingly I am feeling an inner call to slow down, with more emphasis on connecting to friends than on outer work. “The Path” is a very early poem, from autumn 1984.

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