The New Year

Today is a clear sunny winter day in Charlotte, and as I finish the last of my tea after a leisurely morning, I feel a sense of peace. I thought back to a long time ago when i was blessed with a similar feeling. In the intervening years the hurry and urgency and striving has … Read more

Morning Forest

Morning Forest The little forest is lovely in the morning I am glad I listened to the quiet voice That gently urged me to walk a little farther. Yes see, I have felt tired of late Uncertain what the future might bring So the encouragement was a blessing And I sense that I may walk … Read more

A Prayer

Why do I walk? Why do I pray? Teach me, Lord Please show me the way. You know more than you think You followed the subtlest of guidance You are here now Open to what Spirit may show Walk in peace With gentle confidence in your heart.

The Art of Trust

And we know that all things work together for good … Romans 8:28 The Art of Trust It is not what I thought It is not the passing excitement Believing I was following my heart. You see, I have these dreams They are so glittering Working for the good of all Or so I thought … Read more

The Source of Joy

Many times have I touched What I thought was joy Only to see it crumble in the new day The greater my happiness The greater the ensuing pain. Such has been my life. Once again I felt the touch Seemingly stronger and more perfect Then I felt another hand Which I have come to trust … Read more

September Song

The weather is shifting I think a cold front is moving in A cool, blessed breeze blows And an occasional leaf falls I ponder the pathway ahead The way is clear for only a few steps Ahead there is obscurity But it does not trouble me For I know if I follow the light I … Read more

My September Walk

First it was the bees Then came the bird songs And an answer to a perplexity I look at the wide world Limitless in opposition But not limitless to me Yet today it is not a sorrow But a release. Now the cooling breeze comes as confirmation The gift of my walk in September Is … Read more

The Seagulls

It is early morning of a gray day I see two seagulls circling gracefully They expend so little effort in their flight! Occasionally flapping their wings, they mostly soar On gentle breezes in the air Going where the wind takes them Applying only small corrections When the need arises. I would my life to be … Read more

Quiet Morning

Quiet Morning So often it seems I am called to go a different way This morning by some blessing I followed my soul’s gentle prompt And took a different route on my morning walk. Now I am sitting, listening to the birdsongs Feeling the breeze of the still cool morning And reflecting on the gift … Read more