The Door into Healing

As we approach the end of the year I have been contemplating the next step on my spiritual journey, wrestling with the imperative to simplify with my desire to do many things. I recalled my poem “Many Arrows“, feeling the courage to be divided no more and embark on an ambitious agenda in the new … Read more

The Clearing

What is this feeling that fills my heart That opens my soul and lifts my eyes To the cream-colored clouds and the clearing skies? I think I too may be clearing After a stormy passage and a silent song The aching emptiness of a world gone wrong A desire to love and a fear to … Read more

The Formal Feeling

The Formal Feeling She called it the formal feeling For me it has no name For us both it is a healing Coming after pain. She is gone now Her fear has ceased Her pain is over She is at peace. I am holding that feeling Fragment though it be Filled with a sense of … Read more

Love’s Return

This morning, after several days of feeling quite good and strong, I experienced a mini-meltdown. I don’t know where the feelings came from, but there was grief and some immature thoughts. Then I remembered a dark time from many years ago when a poem came. I would like to share it with you today.

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The Tear

I have been so busy of late. I got out of my regular morning routine of some spiritual reading, prayer and meditation before breakfast, and listening to music during breakfast. For example, I would have breakfast in my office and multi-task doing something at the computer while eating. I took time off over the long Memorial Day weekend, and this morning did my old regular routine for the first time in a long while. At one point, while listening to music, I dissolved in tears that had no apparent locus. And I remembered this poem.

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