The Tender Place

That tender place inside your heart Is not a wound that needs healing But it is a door for your soul For you to feel, really feel To be open, to care. Let the tears come And dissolve that shell The shell that has encased you It has protected you But the time has come … Read more

A Path of Mind and Heart

All my life I have been a seeker As a boy I loved mathematics Nobody taught me but I learned arithmetic at an early age My father showed me algebra I loved astronomy and saved my allowance to buy a telescope My parents took me on trips to view the stars In college I studied … Read more

The Desires of Your Heart

The Desires of Your Heart What would you do if you had no worries? No external demands to satisfy No conflicting pulls on your time. Oh my dear one, how can I counsel you? What will release you from the restless striving What will bring you peace And guide your way home to me? Be … Read more

Heart Song

Today was a sunny day in Charlotte, and I took our regular walk to visit our special tree. On the way this short poem came. Heart Open your heart And you will find That many limits Are in your mind. On the way back I found myself quietly chanting Yogananda’s “Listen, listen, listen … ” … Read more