A Walk at Night

This year marks the thirtieth year for my company, Object Innovations, which I founded in 1993 with a great deal of support and encouragement from Marianne. I have been thinking of my early days in my own business when I did quite a bit of traveling to teach courses at different locations. In 1994 I … Read more

The Desires of Your Heart

The Desires of Your Heart What would you do if you had no worries? No external demands to satisfy No conflicting pulls on your time. Oh my dear one, how can I counsel you? What will release you from the restless striving What will bring you peace And guide your way home to me? Be … Read more


There is a place where you will find shelter Where you are not alone but are held lovingly By kind souls who care for you And will never leave you. I wish I could give you an address So you could make a journey to find it But the place of which I speak is … Read more

Half Human, Half Divine

Today is the ninth anniversary of Marianne’s death. I have had some trouble sleeping lately, although last night I slept quite well. I had in mind that I wanted to post this special poem today, and indeed I do wish to share it, completing a trilogy of “anniversary” poems. The painting is based on a CT scan of Marianne’s heart, and the artist, Jennifer McCormick, sent the image to me on the sixth anniversary of her death, with the message, “Marianne sends you her heart.” The poem came during the early morning hours of the first Sunday in January 2019 (which marked Epiphany that year).

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Our Journeys Home

Creating this blog of poems created over a span of 38 years was given an impetus by a re-encounter with this poem. It is a special one for me. It felt like a message from my late wife Marianne. In this post I read the poem, and after the recording there is the poem’s text.

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