Joyful Reunion

You are open my love You have glimpsed the wonder Of our souls’ journey How our plan was fulfilled Coming from different places And different backgrounds We came together as intended In the Scheme of Things How joyful that reunion And how joyful the reunion That is yet to come You are on the path, … Read more

The Paths Not Taken

Lately I have been thinking about limits and remembered this poem. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it on my blog. It has a sad quality to it, and with so much darkness in the world today, I desire to offer light. But also, as a wise person recently advised me, It would … Read more

Laying the Burden Down

I have been deep in thought about ethical life choices and what path to choose now. It has all seemed so complicated, like a labyrinth. Then I remembered another time in my life when I felt confused and received the blessing of a hint of inner peace. It inspired a poem that I wrote for … Read more

The Sun and the Shadow

“The sun and the shadow complete the work.” The alchemist’s words reverberate in my mind For I have known the Sun And I have been acquainted with the Shadow. Even last night I saw the half moon (Perfectly in balance I thought) Consumed by a dark hand While its silvery light played upon white clouds … Read more


The full moon is in the sky Glowing silently behind silvery clouds While a yellow tree catches a street lamp’s pale light. It is October in my year of years Many an October I have pondered the dry leaves As I thought of Poe and Ulalume And wondered if this was the October Of my … Read more

Feather of Remembrance

Darkness has been part of my journey. Walking has been part of my healing. This past week i took again the walk I did so many times with Marianne. I took a break. I looked down at my feet and found the feather of a blue jay. It brought to mind another feather from another … Read more

Gardenias in My Garden

Gardenias in My Garden Every year in May The gardenias in my garden bloom And I think of her I love. This year they have a special poignancy As my heart opens and my soul yearns To grow as you want me to That we may pursue Our souls’ journey together.

Spring Journey

Yes, my love, go where we have not been And go farther still Begin your journey to that distant shore Where the beauty of springtime Will abide always inside your heart Know that I am with you on your way All that you discover Will be precious to me as well And know that your … Read more

The New Year

It is the first day of a new year The first page of yet another chapter in life’s long journey The special feeling has come As I knew I knew it would A sense of kinship with all living things The bare trees and the firs and the pines The shy cardinals who show themselves … Read more