A Morning in Early Spring

This morning in Charlotte is cool and sunny, and I felt a call to take the full “Plan A” walk that I did so often with Marianne. Lately I’ve been taking shorter walks, perhaps partly influenced by a little arthritis in my right knee. But I felt a definite nudge to walk more. So off … Read more

The Source of Joy

Many times have I touched What I thought was joy Only to see it crumble in the new day The greater my happiness The greater the ensuing pain. Such has been my life. Once again I felt the touch Seemingly stronger and more perfect Then I felt another hand Which I have come to trust … Read more

Day Star

“Fly like an eagle on wings of pure light” Star of the morning Your dazzling countenance illuminates my soul Hope has sprung where all seemed dark Your promise warms me to the core of my being Day star! To me you bring joy And an inner knowing that all will be well Blessed be.