Our Journeys

This is the first poem I wrote after Marianne died. It makes reference to an earlier poem, The Quality of Love, which is also posted on this blog. In the post I share how that poem came to be, inspired by Marianne. As I reread “Our Journeys” now, over eleven years after I wrote it, … Read more

The Quality of Love

In December of 2008 Marianne and I started to attend a spiritual group. Looking back I see the whole experience as a perilous and pain-filled trial, but something very meaningful to us emerged in the early days. We took an introductory class where we learned a practice called a “Blessing”. The person to be blessed … Read more

A Time for Love

This poem is quite special to me. I wrote it in Massachusetts in the 1980s. When Marianne died suddenly in 2012 and we were putting together her memorial service, it seemed that everything came together very naturally. A friend contributed a passage from the Kabbalah about love, and then immediately I knew to include this … Read more

Love Itself

Let your teacher be Love itself These words of Rumi echo in my mind As I ponder my life’s path I have been a teacher It seems to be my talent But what shall I teach? And how? Rumi has supplied the answer It is not I who teaches. Let it be love.