I felt a call to post this poem today. I wrote it on Wrightsville Beach on Easter Sunday in 2015. A Prayer of Sand and Waves I sit on the beach this Easter morning I treasure the warm sand, the wind and the brilliant sun The roar of the waves is a prayer The Earth’s … Read more

The Robin in Winter

The last several days have been cold here in Charlotte. I bundled up in my warm winter coat and went for my walk, remembering another cold winter day and this poem I wrote afterwards. The Robin in Winter I drew a rune It was the Ice rune “The winter of the spiritual life is upon … Read more

A Morning in Spring

The road lies before me There are gentle turns But the direction is straight The sky is clear with light streaks of clouds I catch a glimpse of a tiny black bug in the grass Bird songs are heard A few people go by I cherish this morning in spring. This pause in life’s activities … Read more

A Winter Dawn

How lovely is the winter dawn! The gulls circle and glide High in the sky. The crows are not quite awake As they sit on the branches Of winter’s barren trees. The clouds are tinged with gray. Soon they will be transformed Into pink and rose As the sun begins its day’s journey. The thin … Read more