Do not think that the person who is trying to console you lives effortlessly among the simple, quiet words that sometimes make you feel better . . . But if it were any different he could never have found the words that he did.

Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

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The Path

For quite some time I have allowed myself to become very busy with multiple projects. They all seemed important, but increasingly I am feeling an inner call to slow down, with more emphasis on connecting to friends than on outer work. “The Path” is a very early poem, from autumn 1984.

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We Are Not Alone

One day while feeding birds at the Raptor Center I was pondering why I was here and Marianne was not, and about the sorrow in the world. I thought of how small deeds can really help, how we are connected and are not alone. I sensed there was a poem to be written. After my shift I went for a walk in the adjoining Latta Nature Preserve, and this poem came.

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