I can only imagine

Let that pain become your inspiration. Then you will have something people can believe in. From the movie “I Can Only Imagine” about the life of songwriter and signer Bart Millard I can only imagine What it will be like When I walk by Your side I can only imagine What my eyes would see … Read more

Walking with a Friend

Let the tears come my love You weep not only for me and you But for all the heartache and loneliness in the world You think of the homeless man we met on this very walk. In the confusion brought about by drink He lost his belongings and his bible He was sad but he … Read more

After Great Pain

After great pain there is a quietness to the soul After restless striving, a hint of inner peace After relationship stretched to its breaking, a sense of sorrow and loneliness in the night. The sounds of the city are heard The moon gently lights the garden And memories of loved ones fill the heart. One … Read more

The Formal Feeling

The Formal Feeling She called it the formal feeling For me it has no name For us both it is a healing Coming after pain. She is gone now Her fear has ceased Her pain is over She is at peace. I am holding that feeling Fragment though it be Filled with a sense of … Read more

Love’s Return

This morning, after several days of feeling quite good and strong, I experienced a mini-meltdown. I don’t know where the feelings came from, but there was grief and some immature thoughts. Then I remembered a dark time from many years ago when a poem came. I would like to share it with you today.

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