Winter Meditation

Winter Meditation It was another walk in winter In a park often visited by my loved one and me I had expectations I hoped clarity might come to my troubled soul But nearing the end of my walk With my expectations unfulfilled I was sad. Now I sit at a resting place Listening to the … Read more

The Quality of Love

In December of 2008 Marianne and I started to attend a spiritual group. Looking back I see the whole experience as a perilous and pain-filled trial, but something very meaningful to us emerged in the early days. We took an introductory class where we learned a practice called a “Blessing”. The person to be blessed … Read more

A Path of Mind and Heart

All my life I have been a seeker As a boy I loved mathematics Nobody taught me but I learned arithmetic at an early age My father showed me algebra I loved astronomy and saved my allowance to buy a telescope My parents took me on trips to view the stars In college I studied … Read more

Joyful Reunion

You are open my love You have glimpsed the wonder Of our souls’ journey How our plan was fulfilled Coming from different places And different backgrounds We came together as intended In the Scheme of Things How joyful that reunion And how joyful the reunion That is yet to come You are on the path, … Read more


Mercy Although I make so many mistakes And choose so many wrong paths And sometimes it seems I am truly lost Yet from somewhere comes a gentle blessing A balm of reassurance that all is well I think it must be true for me And for you too, my friend, That we float in mercy … Read more

One Step

I wrote this poem in 2013, the year after Marianne died, but I find it speaks to me now. I have felt lost about my path, but did gain clarity about one step to take. I remembered this poem, and it brought comfort. I am waiting for the rain For heaven to shed tears That … Read more

My Path

I know my path I know it from the depths of my soul It is to follow my beloved wherever it leads I do not see the light because I am in darkness But something in my heart tells me it is there I do not know if I will find it in this lifetime … Read more

Summer Moon

Summer Moon Some feelings are subtle How can I convey the peace I feel this summer morning? It began with lines from a remembered Christmas hymn Angels bending near the Earth To touch their harps of gold Then I saw a songbird And noticed the fair-weather clouds Slowly drifting in the summer sky. It was … Read more