Sitting in the shade under the magnolia treeFeeling the gentle breeze of this spring morningI know that resting is my tired body’s simple need.I listen to the birdsongsThe hoot of a distant owlThe dull roar of an airplane.Respecting my body’s limitationsI give thanks for this beautiful dayAnd I know in my heartAll shall be well. … Read more

A Pause in Late Autumn

You are pausing in your walk in late autumn That is a skillful thing for you to do It allows you to feel the open air To hear the sounds all around you To appreciate the little grotto And to connect to the tender place in your heart Where love and hope abide December 2, … Read more

Twin Pine Trees

Yesterday felt special. I took the walk Marianne and I did together so many times, and it felt great! I have slowed down, taking 80 minutes instead of 60, but seeing familiar sights brought poignant memories, and I felt happy. Although the season is different, I remembered this poem! Be open, my love I am … Read more


On a morning in late January the first year after Marianne died, I was taking the usual walk that Marianne and I took together so many times, walking hand-in-hand. I felt her presence, as if she were walking beside me now even though we were on different planes. Words started to come together in my … Read more

The Divine Puzzle

Today I took the walk in my neighborhood that I had taken almost every day with Marianne. It remains a meaningful walk to me now, and I feel a call to resume an interrupted practice of taking this walk every day. On it there is a special tree that has many resonances for me.

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