Today is my father’s birthday. This is the first poem I wrote after his passing. Simplicity The tears do not stop They pause for a time And then they come again I miss my father He was a simple man He cared about me and others. I look at my own cluttered life And wonder … Read more

A Morning in Spring

The road lies before me There are gentle turns But the direction is straight The sky is clear with light streaks of clouds I catch a glimpse of a tiny black bug in the grass Bird songs are heard A few people go by I cherish this morning in spring. This pause in life’s activities … Read more


Striding along on my walk Thinking of a new project Now that an old one neared completion My mind was absorbed And I was missing the beauty Of a lovely September summer day. Then I heard that gentle voice Of my heart, of my beloved Immediately I slowed my pace And found a quiet place … Read more


I learned something today My worth comes from being alive It is not to be measured Activities and accomplishments are not the key It is simpler than that It is always there It cannot be taken away It is a gift freely given We all share it We are not alone.


Some moments are special They call to me to make a little record I have been perplexed of late Caught between two paths One is the path of effort and growth It seems right yet has brought little joy The other is a simple path, to relax And I’ve felt a touch of happiness, Which … Read more


Over the last several years I have become involved with multiple projects, all of which have seemed important but together bring a feeling of overwhelm. This poem from a number of years ago reminds me of a different space, and I am grateful.

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Letting Go

This morning I took my regular walk for the fourth day in a row. It did not start out that way. I had a busy morning ahead and thought I would do a shorter walk, but a quiet voice suggested I start out on the regular walk and go as far as our special tree. … Read more