Autumn is a time of changes. It was in autumn of 1983 that I wrote my very first poem! The inspiration was the departure of the associate minister of the UU church in Framingham, Massachusetts that Marianne and I were attending at that time. We liked her very much and would miss her. At the … Read more

Your Song

I am hearing your song, my love It is a lovely song I hear it in the song of the bird In the rustle of leaves in the treetop In the dance of light and shadow in the grass In the bubbling waters of the stream And the sound of footsteps on the wooden bridge. … Read more

The New Age

I so much desire healing for my friends and for the world, and for greater order and simplicity to come into my own life. At the end of my morning meditation I found myself reciting this early poem of mine, and I felt a sense of peace, that what is needed will come in the fullness of time.

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