Forest of Waters

Today I went for one of my regular walks in the neighborhood. This particular walk is actually the first one that Marianne and I took together after we moved to Charlotte. It winds up at a school, adjacent to a small stand of trees that I have come to call “Cotswold Forest”. Over the years … Read more

What need have you of recognition

What need have you of recognition When you have been recognized by the Source? What need have you of applause When the thunder applauds you? What need have you of advancement When the violet light ensures your progression? What need have you of love When the All enfolds you tenderly And gently plans your life, … Read more

Whisper of Spirit

I think the little synchronicities Help me most of all They whisper to me gently Of the abiding presence of spirit in my life And open me to the gifts Of this warm and sunny summer morning The vivid colors of the flowering crepe myrtles The stately evergreens and the tall magnolia The blueness of … Read more