Spring Blessings

Spring Blessings Listen to the gentle whisper of spirit It will not lead you astray Nor will the sadness in your heart It too is a whisper of spirit Reminding you of the one life And that sadness is part of our human journey You have done nothing wrong You have no pressing obligations Take … Read more

A Morning in Spring

The road lies before me There are gentle turns But the direction is straight The sky is clear with light streaks of clouds I catch a glimpse of a tiny black bug in the grass Bird songs are heard A few people go by I cherish this morning in spring. This pause in life’s activities … Read more

Community in Spring

It is cool but the sun is bright The sky is blue and cloudless Crocus are blooming and a robin has been seen The first geese have returned Flying in formation across the sky And swimming silently in the lake Trees have started to bud Yes, spring is surely in the air. The yellow ribbons … Read more

A Morning in Early Spring

This morning in Charlotte is cool and sunny, and I felt a call to take the full “Plan A” walk that I did so often with Marianne. Lately I’ve been taking shorter walks, perhaps partly influenced by a little arthritis in my right knee. But I felt a definite nudge to walk more. So off … Read more

A Prayer of Sand and Waves

I sit on the beach this Easter morning I treasure the warm sand, the wind and the brilliant sun The roar of the waves is a prayer The Earth’s prayer to God And I know in my heart How precious is this human experience On my soul’s long journey. Wrightsville Beach, April 5, 2015

Spring Journey

Yes, my love, go where we have not been And go farther still Begin your journey to that distant shore Where the beauty of springtime Will abide always inside your heart Know that I am with you on your way All that you discover Will be precious to me as well And know that your … Read more