Peace on a Summer Morning

For quite some time i have felt stressed, feeling that there were a lot of important tasks that I needed to do. Last week I connected with counsel I received from Marianne on the inner a few years ago: You have eternity for the Great WorkAnd for the little work Just do your best day … Read more

Timeless Moment

That one pause was all I needed To let go of thoughts of projects and anxieties And to be with this lovely summer morning To see the wispy clouds and silver plane The rich greens of trees and grasses The flowering crepe myrtles Beckoning me to make a turn And go another way Not concerned … Read more


This morning I felt a call to do my familiar walk that I took with Marianne almost every day. Growing up in California and spending many years in the northeast where there are no mimosa trees, finding them here in North Carolina was a nice discovery. I remembered a poem I had written under the shade of this same tree and searched for it. I was surprised to find mimosa mentioned in six of my poems! This is the first one.

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