A Pause in Late Autumn

You are pausing in your walk in late autumn That is a skillful thing for you to do It allows you to feel the open air To hear the sounds all around you To appreciate the little grotto And to connect to the tender place in your heart Where love and hope abide December 2, … Read more

Twin Pine Trees

Yesterday felt special. I took the walk Marianne and I did together so many times, and it felt great! I have slowed down, taking 80 minutes instead of 60, but seeing familiar sights brought poignant memories, and I felt happy. Although the season is different, I remembered this poem! Be open, my love I am … Read more

Spring Blessings

Spring Blessings Listen to the gentle whisper of spirit It will not lead you astray Nor will the sadness in your heart It too is a whisper of spirit Reminding you of the one life And that sadness is part of our human journey You have done nothing wrong You have no pressing obligations Take … Read more

A Prayer

Why do I walk? Why do I pray? Teach me, Lord Please show me the way. You know more than you think You followed the subtlest of guidance You are here now Open to what Spirit may show Walk in peace With gentle confidence in your heart.

Walking with a Friend

Let the tears come my love You weep not only for me and you But for all the heartache and loneliness in the world You think of the homeless man we met on this very walk. In the confusion brought about by drink He lost his belongings and his bible He was sad but he … Read more

A Morning in Early Spring

This morning in Charlotte is cool and sunny, and I felt a call to take the full “Plan A” walk that I did so often with Marianne. Lately I’ve been taking shorter walks, perhaps partly influenced by a little arthritis in my right knee. But I felt a definite nudge to walk more. So off … Read more

Cotswold Forest

“Cotswold Forest” is the name I give to a lovely group of trees 20 minutes from our home on Emory Lane in Charlotte. Marianne and I liked to take walks together, in parks and in our own neighborhood. When we moved to Charlotte the first walk we discovered was a simple one. Take a right … Read more


A simple walk With simple sights and sounds Pauses to wonder and reflect On the simple miracles all around. A change in my inner state On this cool autumn day What quiet joy is right at hand!