A Winter Dawn

How lovely is the winter dawn! The gulls circle and glide High in the sky. The crows are not quite awake As they sit on the branches Of winter’s barren trees. The clouds are tinged with gray. Soon they will be transformed Into pink and rose As the sun begins its day’s journey. The thin … Read more

Winter Forest

It has been a winter time for my soul I think I despaired of a returning spring Shall I write about it? Plumb the depths of my feeling? A decisive answer came at once A resounding no! Immediately there was a shift The forest captured my attention The bare trees let me see Farther than … Read more

A Red Cardinal

It had been a mild winter The storms came late A surprise snowfall brought whiteness and quiet Then I learned the sad news. Death is not easy But we do not know That our night may not be somewhere else a dawn. This morning I saw our red cardinal friend He has been a frequent … Read more

Snow Child

The snow is softly falling It’s like a song inside my heart Or like a river gently flowing With a quiet, graceful art. It is an enchanted moment My thoughts have ceased to be. A little bird is singing A simple, heartfelt song And the child within me Is happy, free and strong!

Winter Solstice

The tall bare trees silhouetted against the white sky The train whistle in the distance An occasional birdsong, a snatch of people talking The sound of an airplane A friendly greeting from a passing hiker And a sense of quiet and order in my heart I do not know my future on this first day … Read more