Poetry and the Flower

It was not so long agoThat my life was boundBy the rigid rule of reasonAnd the iron law of chance and necessity.Then came a new season in my lifeI found the sound and began to dance.Then I found I was not aloneEven in the place of workI called my home.Such flowering of the human spirit … Read more

Thoughts on Waving Goodbye

This poem was written in 1994, at a time when I traveled on teaching assignments. I had started my company, Object Innovations, the year before. Now, almost thirty years later, some of the same feelings are coming up as I think about possible next steps with my company. The poem also touches on the theme … Read more

The Man at Work

I loved my work I thought it was all I had It filled my mind with challenge My heart with what I took for joy. Many friends I thought I had Many projects we shared So much life in our eager pursuit Of ingenious inventions. One of our friends moved on We thought to give … Read more